Front-end developer x Product Manager


About Me

Hi! My name is Xian (pronounced Zai-anne) and I am a UI/UX-focused technical product manager and front-end developer.

I strategize, plan and build thoughtful web experiences with the customer in mind.

I have built design systems from the ground up for global retailer, Gap Inc and unicorn startup, Branch (evaluated at $6B). I have hands-on experiences with more redesigns than I can name, and have guided CMS migrations from legacy systems to Drupal, Contentful, and WordPress. In addition, I have worked on architecting and building out localized/multi sites.

Other than global site initiatives, I am constantly focused on improving site experiences. I tackle issues like poor site performance, UI/UX, SEO and CRO through strategic planning, persona building, testing, and measuring. I leverage AB and personalization tools like Tealium, Optimizely, VWO, and Google Optimized, heat-mapping tools like HotJar and Fullstory, and anlytics tools like Google Analytics, Search Console, Adobe Experience Manager, and Amplitude to get insights and leverage that to make decisions and create initatives.

Outside of work, I enjoy making fermented foods like kimchi and sourdough bread, rock climbing, and watching my vertical garden grow. smile

You can find me on LinkedIn | Resume